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Automatic Machine for the Production of Center Sewn Books (Composition Books):


The Garrido Manufacturing Intersystem is a completely automatic, center sewn book manufacturing machine.  The machine does all the process of the manufacturing from reel to finished product. It consist of:


(1) 'V" Style Shaftless Unwind Stand

(2) Flexo Printing Towers for 2/2 printing

(1) Rotary Cutting System and Collection

(1) Cover Feeder

(1) Synchronization System between the Ruling and the Sewing units.

(1) Pile Delivery

(3) Sewing and Taping Units

(1) Synchronization System between the Sewing Units and the Cutting Section

(1) Folding Unit

(1) Square Back Section

(1) Frontal Cutting

(1) Side Cutting

(1) Round Corner Section

(1) Table Delivery

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