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Double Wire Closing Machine:


The Advantage Machinery Model DW-CL is semi-automatic double wire inserting and closing machine. The machine takes the double wire from either a spool or the DW-F forming machine and counts it. Once the appropriate number of loops are counted it cuts the wire into a strip and transports it onto the book insertion section. The operator takes the pre-perforated sheets and places the sheets onto the wire. Because that the binding lays on a rail it is very easy for the operator to fix the pre-perforated sheets in the double wire. The sheets with the inserted double wire are then pushes onto a pushing device that transport the group into the closing section. The finished product is delivered onto a delivery conveyor.



Model DW-CL
Max. Width (in) 14.2"
Max. Speed (C/Hr) 1000
Power (Kw) 1
Air Requirements (PSI) 70 - 112




Model DW-CL
Max. Width (mm) 360
Max. Speed (C/Hr) 1000
Power (Kw) 1
Air Requirements (Kg/cm²) 5 - 8



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