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Semi- Automatic Exercise Book Machine:


The Advantage Machinery Auto-Ex is an Automatic Wire Stitching and Folding Machine that is used for the manufacturing of exercise books. The machine is hand fed by an operator that takes the groups of paper from a feeding pile. The feeding pile automatically rises as the operator feeds the groups. The group is then transported to the stitching station that consists of 8 Hohner stitching heads. Once the group is stitched, it is folded and delivered onto a delivery table. The folded groups can later be cut by a conventional Guillotine or by automatically in the Advantage Machinery Auto-Cut.




Auto- Ex
Max. Strip Length (in) 40"
Min. Strip Length (in) 22.8"
Max. Strip Width (in) 24.4"
Min. Strip Width (in) 8.3"
Max. Speed (strip/min) 45


















Auto- Ex
Max. Strip Length (mm) 1020
Min. Strip Length (mm) 580
Max. Strip Width (mm) 620
Min. Strip Width (mm) 210
Max. Speed (strip/min) 45



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