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Automatic Cut Size Converting Line:


The Advantage Machinery CS-108 is an automatic cut size converting line suitable for high speed production. The machine comes standard with 2 shaft-less unwind stands and has the capacity for 6 rolls. The paper rolls are aligned as they pass through the system using BST web guides.


The machines comes equipped with slitters wich are fixed in a cassette. To change the sizes the cassette is easily replaced for quick changeovers. The rotary cross cutter is controlled via servo motor and changeovers are done through the touch screen.


The grouping and collecting section has 5 pockets. In the moment that the desired count is reached the paper reams are transported onto the infeed belt of the wrapping machine. The wrapping paper can be either laminated paper or plain paper. The machine has a print registration system for the printed wrapper. The seal is done with hot glue.


The finished package is delivered onto an exit conveyor but can be put in line with an automatic case filling section and palletizing line





Max. Number of Unwind Stands 6

Paper Width (mm)

680 - 1080

Max. Paper Diameter (mm)


Max. Speed (m/min) 300
*Estimated production speed is 10 reams of 500 sheets/paper rolls  
Cassette style slitters with 6 sets of knives  
Min. Slitting Width (mm) 200
Waste Extraction System  
Servo Motor Controlled Rotary Cutting System  
Tolerance (mm) +/- 0.05
5 Pockets  
Ream Height (mm) 29 - 60
Max. Discharge Speed 15 Cycles/min/ 5 pockets
Max. Production Speed (Packages/min) 45


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