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Automatic Exercise Book Machine:


The Advantage Machinery model SAC-M semi-automatic exercise book machine is manufactured according to the demands of the industry, utilizing start of the art technology. The machine is equipped with an elevator pile feeder which rises as the operator manually feeds the grouped sheets onto a 2 meter long conveyor belt.


The grouped sheets stop precisely at the stitching station that is equipped with 8 Hohner 52/8 Stitching Heads. The Stitched groups are then transported into the folding section where the group is folded in half. The folded group then goes into the square spine section. The product then gets the front of it trimmed and split into either 3 or 4 finished books.  The Finished exercise books get delivered on a table.






(1) Pile Feeder


(1) 2 Meter Long Transport Section


Stitching Section with (8) Hohner Model 52/8 Stitching Heads


Max. Thickness (mm)


Max. Format (mm)

450 x 1020

Min. Format (mm)

300 x 580

(1) Folding Section


(1) Back Pressing Section


(1) Frontal Trimming Section


(1) Cutting Section with 5 sets of knives for 4-up production


Max. Speed (Strokes/min)


(1) Shingled Delivery System




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