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Automatic Cut Size Paper Converting Machine 


The Advantage Machinery Automatic Cut Size Paper Converting Machine model CS-JR is manufactured according to the demands of the industry, utilizing state of the art technology. The machine is suitable for a different quality of paper. The machine is equipped with 2 rolls and has the capacity up to 4 rolls of paper.  Rolls of paper pass through the aligner to ensure they are always even. The slitters cutting system has 6 male and female blades. The blades are adjustable to different formats. The length of the sheet is made with a frontal cut blade, which is controlled with servo motor that allows change the length of the cuts directly from the electronic screen. The cut paper is counted and grouped in the station with 5 pockets. As soon as it reaches the required amount, the paper group advances to the side exit of the machine to automatically feed the ream wrapper.





Number of Unwinds

1/ 2/ 4

Max. Roll Width / Diameter (mm)

1100 / 1400

Number of Slitting Knives


Cutting Lenggth (mm)

280 - 330

Paper Thickness

70 - 450

Cutting Tolerance (mm) +/- - 0.2
Cutting Cyclesper minute 10 - 200

Max. Reams of 500 per minute

1 Ream /ea unwind roll





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